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Is Soulfa OEKO-TEX certified?

Soulfa is even better than OEKO-TEX certified. In OEKO-TEX class 2, 3, and 4, formaldehyde is allowed. Soulfa vehemently prohibits our manufacturing to use any formaldehyde, Soulfa goes above and BEYOND the OEKO-TEX certification.

Soulfa is free of lead, flame retardants, formaldehyde, or any other harmful, cancer-causing chemicals, like Scotchgard. 100% hypo-allergenic, toxic-free, and zero off-gassing. Keep you, your children, pets and home safe!

What is the Soulfa seat cushion filled with?

The main seat cushion is filled with hypo-allergenic feather and down.

You may add the 1.5” memory foam inserts, below the seat cushion, for added comfort and structure.

Does Soulfa require assembly?

None, zip, zilch! The Soulfa is one entire cube, all constructed together, for maximum comfort and longevity.

Be aware of brands and couches that require assembly. Their quality is very similar to that of IKEA.
Over time, couches that require assembly will creak and crack, and come apart.

Do Soulfa cubes clip together?

The armless and corner cubes do clip together. However, the ottoman is meant to float around the configuration, and does not clip.

PLEASE NOTE: Soulfa cubes clip together from underneath, and not from the sides. Most Cloud brands clip together from the sides, and this pulling/tugging can cause the clips to weaken and break over time. Soulfa’s construction is always about decades of usage.

Where is Soulfa manufactured?

We fabricate key elements like fabrics, cushion foam, memory foam inserts and fill in the USA. Our hardwood base frames, along with hardware, are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas, with our extended team.

Cleaning & Usage

How easy is it to clean the light-colored Soulfa fabrics?

Rest assured, our white, natural linen, and champagne velvet performance fabrics are exceptionally easy to care for, allowing for hassle-free spot cleaning and machine washing.

Here's the best way to care for your SOULFA.

1. Mix WHITE dish soap only, with water in a small bowl.
2. Use a WHITE rag only to gently wipe and clean the spotted area. Only utilize WHITE soap and a WHITE rag to prevent potential damage from dyes. Example, DO NOT use a red rag and/or green dish soap.
3. For tougher dirt spots, harness the power of hydrogen peroxide, available in spray bottles from CVS, Walgreens, Amazon.


1. Remove the Soulfa covers. The base covers do not need to be washed very often, mostly only the seat covers and ottoman cover.
2. Use cold water and a front-loading, NON-AGITATOR washing machine.
3. Opt for a mild, natural, white or clear detergent, such as Method or 7th Generation.
4. Do not use bleach.
5. Air dry only for optimal results.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an agitator washing machine, spot clean and dry clean only.

How do I prevent blue jean dye from coming off on my light-colored Soulfa?

Unfortunately, dyes may dye light-colored Soulfa fabrics. It’s best to throw a blanket or throw on the Soulfa when wearing anything like blue jeans.

Can I change the Soulfa covers and get a new color/look?

YES! You can easily switch out your current Soulfa set for any color fabric we carry. Get an entire new look instantly. Many clients also switch out the color seasonally, or when machine washing a set of covers.

To order new covers for your armless, corner and ottoman cubes, email hello@soulfa.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the construction of vegan leather Soulfas, only the Alpine Steel and Roasted Chestnut fabrics can not be switched out.

FABRICS That Can Be Switched:
Natural Linen
Fog Grey

FABRICS That Can NOT Be Switched:
Alpine Steel
Roasted Chestnut

If just one cover or inside cushion gets damaged, can I just purchase a new one?

YES! As we are the manufacturers, we sell all parts and covers separately. For example, if your dog chews and damages the throw pillow cover, you can simply just order one throw pillow cover.

To order specific covers, please email hello@soulfa.com.

Is the Soulfa kid-friendly?

YES! We have reviews after reviews from overjoyed clients with kids.

The Soulfa fabrics are 3-times thicker than other Cloud fabrics.
Incredibly durable performance fabrics, perfect for everyday living.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend putting down a king size microfiber blanket (available at Target or Costco) and having your family eat and play on the blanket. This makes it even easier to maintain the Soulfa covers and super easy to wash the blanket over and over. Be sure to select a blanket that is similar in color to your Soulfa covers. Be very mindful of dyes in the microfiber blanket that can come off on the Soulfa.

Is the Soulfa pet-friendly?

YES! We have reviews after reviews from overjoyed clients with pets.

The Soulfa fabrics are 3-times thicker than other Cloud fabrics.
Incredibly durable performance fabrics, perfect for everyday living.

PLEASE NOTE: Every breed of animal is different. Animals that aggressively bite or claw, may damage the integrity of the fabric.

I love the Cloud comfort, but I hate how messy the Cloud couch can look?

We hate how messy the Cloud couch can look too.

We all want the comfy Cloud feel, but no one wants to constantly be fluffing the seat cushions.

Soulfa introduces a revolutionary solution; the world's only Cloud with 1.5” high-density memory foam inserts. These inserts not only enhance the comfort, but also maintain the seat cushion's structure and aesthetic appeal. Say goodbye to the chaos of a messy Cloud!

Soulfa vs Other Brands

How does Soulfa compare to 7th Avenue?

5 Big Distinctions:

- The quality of the 7th Avenue fabrics do not compare to the softness of Soulfa. Their fabric feels very synthetic and plastic like.

- 7th Avenue requires assembly, like an IKEA piece of furniture. Anytime you need to assemble a sofa, it will not last as long, and will creak and crack after usage.

- 7th Avenue’s seating comfort is extremely different, as they use only stiff foam materials.

- 7th Avenue does not manufacture the sides and tops, of each cube, with 3-6 inches of foam. In fact, they barely use 1/2" inch of foam. This may cause body discomfort. Watch Video

- It is reasonable to say, that longterm performance, after 1-2 years is questionable. A quick read of 7th Avenue’s reviews will highlight this point.

How does Soulfa compare to the RH Restoration Hardware Cloud?

5 Big Distinctions:

- The quality of the RH fabrics do not compare to the softness of Soulfa. Their perennial performance fabric feel very scratchy, think of outdoor furniture. Their perennial performance fabrics are also thin and sag, even when brand new. Watch Video

- The price of RH is 20-30% more expensive than Soulfa. With very similar overall, structural quality. In fact, many of our clients have switched out their RH Cloud for Soulfa.

- RH does NOT offer 1.5” memory foam inserts. One of the top complaints is how messy the RH Cloud gets and the constant nuisance of fluffing the seat cushions.

- Switching out the RH Cloud covers, for a whole new color/look, is 50-80% more than Soulfa.

- RH has very beautiful retail stores. What you are paying for is the RH name and the expense of their retail spaces, catalogs, private jets and yachts.


Is the Soulfa ready to ship today?

YES! As we are the manufacturers, our inventory is ready to ship, TODAY.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! Yes, you may change or cancel your order, as long as it hasn’t shipped. Once your order ships, it’s heading home to you.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, please email hello@soulfa.com and attach your valid military ID, with your request. Thank you for your service - we appreciate YOU!

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

What is the shipping policy?

I just placed my order, when can I expect my Soulfa to arrive?
Unless you specify for us to hold your order, your order leaves our warehouse within 2-3 business days.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order.

Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive a text with a video of your boxes getting ready to leave our warehouse. This way you’ll be insured that your Soulfa boxes are in perfect condition, and should arrive as such.

Your tracking information will also be sent to you via text.

Can you store my Soulfa until I'm ready to receive it?

In the event, that you need us to store your Soulfa, because of remodeling, closing escrow, etc., please email hello@soulfa.com and we’ll be happy to store your Soulfa, for up to 90 days, for free. Each additional month, after 90 days, is only $100 per month.

Yes, we do sell out. This option guarantees you, that you will receive the exact color, cube size and configuration that you most desire.

Do you offer warranty?

YES! All Soulfa cubes are covered by a NO FUSS, 10 year warranty. We will replace or repair any Soulfa cubes with defects in construction or workmanship. Read full details.

What is the return policy?

Soulfa has a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your Soulfa to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unused, with tags, and in the original boxes. You’ll also need the receipt, or proof of purchase.

Customer is financially responsible for shipping the return back to the Soulfa warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.

Refund will be made to the original form of payment, minus a 20% restocking fee.

Full return policy and how to initiate a return here.

For any return questions, please email, hello@soulfa.com.

Do you ship overseas?

YES! Text or WhatsApp to make shipping arrangements.

Do I need to keep the packaging?

Please hold on to the original packaging until you're certain nothing is missing or damaged, and until you're sure you don't want to make a return. We'll need photos of the packaging and shipping labels if anything is missing or damaged, and if you plan to return your order for any reason, you'll need to do so in the original packaging, padding materials included.

General Questions

Does Soulfa have a showroom?

YES! For your convenience, we offer a virtual showroom experience, with a pro-designer. Sit back and shop from home.

Not so fun, Fun Fact… Every time you visit a furniture showroom and make a purchase, 15-25% of what you pay goes towards the rent of the showroom/store.

Want great furniture, at a great price? Buy online and save money.

Book your virtual showroom experience now. Text or WhatsApp: +1.310.880.1253

Can I earn commissions from my Soulfa referrals?

Absolutely! You are entitled to earn commissions on each Soulfa set that is purchased by your referral. For more info, please email hello@soulfa.com.

I'm an influencer, how can I collab with Soulfa?

We are now accepting collaborations and partnership opportunities.
For more info, please email hello@soulfa.com.

Do you offer fabric swatches?

Yes! You get all fabric swatches mailed, for only $50.
Once you make a purchase, we deduct the $50 from your purchase.
Receive fabric swatches within a few days, via USPS Priority.

Order fabric swatches here.

Are the covers removable and cleanable?

YES! All covers are removable, including the entire sofa base. Simply turn over the cube and unvelcro the base. This is especially nice on the ottoman, as it tends to be cleaned more often.

Be aware, other sofa companies cut corners, and do not use velcro on the sofa base, as this is a very expensive addition.

Does the Soulfa performance fabric pill over time?

Absolutely not! Our performance fabrics are the highest grade fabrics ever made. There’s absolutely no pilling, fading, yellowing or discoloration. Even our vegan leathers withstand the test of time and never pill or peel. All this with no toxic chemicals or off-gassing.

Is the Soulfa performance fabric scratchy like 7th Avenue, RH and other Cloud companies?

Soulfa, is by far, the softest, most durable performance fabric in the world. Three times thicker than most performance fabrics, making it extremely kid and pet friendly. And yes, it's stain and liquid repellent too, even red wine.

Unfortunately, most performance fabrics feel like Sunbrella outdoor furniture, scratchy on the skin, and not cozy to chill on.

We always say, “soft enough to get naked on, yet strong enough to have fun on."


How long has Soulfa been in business?

Soulfa has been in business since, September 2015.

Who founded Soulfa?

Soulfa was founded in 2015, by Vitória, a very OCD, European woman who’s been in the design world for over 20 years.

3 reasons why Vitória started Soulfa:
1) To design the most comfortable Cloud in the world, at the best possible price, and bring the stunning, timeless Cloud aesthetic to your home.
2) To manufacturer the “healthiest”, toxic-free couch for your home environment, with zero off-gassing.
3) To create a legacy piece of furniture, that lasts the test of time, and stays with you for decades. We need furniture that looks amazing in 3, 5, 10 plus years. Unfortunately, over 12 million tons of furniture gets dumped yearly. Cheap furniture only lasts 1-2 years, 3 years max.

It’s time to create a healthy home and healthy planet. We must create both and not sacrifice one to have the other.

Vitória’s vision of a toxic-free, luxurious home, while respecting the environment and our planet has become realized.

Still have a question?

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