Our Ten Year Warranty!

All Soulfa cubes are covered with a 10-year warranty!

We will replace or repair any products with defects in construction or workmanship.

Our products are designed to last, and we stand by their quality and craftsmanship.

For the warranty to apply, the product must have been used for its intended purpose and undergone normal use. Products are not covered by warranty if used for commercial purposes, have been modified, or if the defect has been caused by excessive wear and tear, or an accident.

Although our fabrics are the best stain resistant performance fabrics available in the world today, they are not stain proof. Please be cautious with turmeric, red sauce, markers, dyes, and items of clothing, like blue jeans. These and other common sense items, not mentioned, may leave permanent stains.

Please watch all our videos, so you are educated before finalizing purchase.

A Word of CAUTION: Sitting around the structured foam edge of the corner or armless may cause the cube to become deformed. In this instance, the warranty is not valid. The Soulfa’s intended use is for sitting on the seat cushions only.

We’re proud to be the only sofa/cloud company in the world to offer a 10-year warranty!