(and, even better than higher priced competitors, like Restoration Hardware RH.)

With so many Cloud Dupes on the market, at very cheap prices, why would you spend just a little bit more and buy a Soulfa?


Soulfa's ultra-soft fabric is made of the finest performance fabric, 3 times thicker and more durable than any other Cloud Dupe. Exceptional blend of softness and strength that took them years to engineer.


Soulfa does not use any harsh chemicals or Scotchgard to safe-guard their fabrics, as this is poisonous to the you, your pets and children. Off-gassing can literally take years to dissipate from furniture.

What does off-gassing even look like? Imagine someone sitting in your home and smoking packs of cigarettes non-stop… your home environment would constantly be polluted. Although off-gassing is less smelly, the pollution can be the same.

Many people will experience flu-like symptoms when they get new carpet or upholstered furniture in their home. Very few people, ever put two-and-two together, the culprit could be the introduction of the new furniture into their home environment.

Soulfa uses only safe, non-toxic, proprietary blended performance fabrics.


Soulfa is a solid cube and comes ready out of the box! Clouds, sofas and couches that require assembly obviously weaken very quickly. 

90% of the Cloud Dupes on the market are manufactured using cheap particle board that is easily breakable. Soulfa's frames are constructed with high quality, kiln dried hardwood, and premium craftsmanship. This is the reason why most people throw out cheaply manufactured Cloud Dupes, within 2 to 3 years.

This is both insidious for the environment and for your pocketbook.

Instead of buying a Cloud Dupe every 2 to 3 years, invest wisely in a couch or sofa that is guaranteed for at least 10 years.  


All the cushions contain a perfect blend of hypoallergenic feather/down, for cloud-like comfort. 

Soulfa is also innovating the industry, they are the first company to address the messy Cloud look. You can simply add a 1.5‚ÄĚ memory foam insert for an additional¬†luxurious, sink-in experience, that also preserves the structure and shape of the seat cushions.

High density memory foam, like Tempur Pedic, also keeps the Soulfa from looking slouchy and disheveled. Who wants their living room looking like a messy bedroom?


While most Cloud Dupes use springs or very little foam in the structure, Soulfa wraps their entire Cloud in high density foam, including the sides and base. Wrap-a-around foam means AMAZING premium comfort, and decade long durability.


ALL Soulfa covers, including the base covers, are velcro removable and machine washable for easy care. There are very few Cloud Dupes on the market that have a velcro base. A velcro base is an expensive add-on andn most companies will cut corners.


Soulfa offers interchangeable covers. You can purchase a second pair of covers, which is a great idea, to redecorate seasonally, or if you move and want a whole new look, you can easily swap out the cubes with a new color or fabric to match your new decor.

Or, purchase a second set of covers to have on-hand when you are washing a set, much like a second pair of bedsheets. Wash a set and have a set ready to go.

No other Cloud Dupe allows this versatility. Unfortunately, once you choose a color/fabric with another company, you are stuck. You will need to purchase a new sofa to have a color change.


Although, using harmful chemicals and materials are an industry standard, Soulfa has taken every measure to create a health-conscious Cloud.

The Soulfa is free of lead, flame retardants, formaldehyde, or any other harmful, cancer-causing chemicals.

100% hypo-allergenic, toxic-free, and zero off-gassing!


Soulfa uses the finest vegan leather, much like the same vegan leather Tesla uses in their cars. 

The supple vegan leather are engineered to showcase the character and texture of real leather, without the typical leather stiffness, or cruelty to animals.

The vegan leather is also stain resistant and liquid repellent, unlike cow leather. Making them incredibly kid and pet friendly fabrics.


While most Cloud Dupes and sofas only last 2 to 3 years, Soulfa prides themselves on crafting premium quality Cloud cubes.

The Soulfa is built to be enjoyed, and withstand life, for over a decade. This is not an industry standard.


If you have shopped around at places like: Restoration Hardware RH, Pottery Barn, Inside Weather, Maiden Home, Benchmade Modern, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Living Spaces, Diorama Living, 7th Avenue Modular Sofa Company, Bob’s Furniture, City Furniture in Florida... then you know there is no comparison between the Soulfa, and the modular sofas you find at these American companies. 

In doing my research, I interviewed Soulfa's clients, and everyone I spoke with, corroborated the Google Reviews I read online.

Simply put, Soulfa is the best Cloud couch in the United States. 

Josh Ritcher