Who Makes A Better
Cloud Couch?

Who Makes A Better Cloud Couch?

Who Makes A
Better Cloud Couch?


Deciding between Soulfa and 7th Avenue
for your new Cloud Couch?

Our comprehensive comparison will help you understand the nuances of each brand,
from materials and craftsmanship, to sustainability and price.

How We Compare

Restoration Hardware
7th Ave
No Fabric Pilling
No Fabric Discoloration
Soft Performance Fabrics
Removable Covers
Machine Washable
No Toxic Off-Gassing
Environmentally Friendly
Hypo-Allergenic Feather Down
No-Fluff Seat Cushions
Memory Foam Inserts for Extra Seat Comfort
Wrap-Around Structured Foam Support 6” 6” ½”
Clips From the Bottom (for less wear & tear)
No Assembly Required
Designed & Assembled
in the USA
North America Shipping (All 50 States, Canada, Mexico)
Worldwide Shipping
Ships Out Within 72 hrs* 4-12 Weeks 4-12 Weeks
Price (4-Seat Modular) From $6,400 From $10,580 From $3,850
One-On-One Customer Service
GUARANTEED to Last 10 Years

* Ships Within 72 hrs if In Stock

What Do Soulfa Customers Say?

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This is not a Restoration Hardware cloud,
it's better!

- Victoria Garrick Browne

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I had the RH Cloud before and have to say the Soulfa is better. They really are the best sofas on the market. Incredible quality, easy care and probably the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat in. Don’t waste your money on any other cloud dupe.

- Karina Velez

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Need Help Deciding?

Our interior designers have a full scope on the distinctions and differences
between Soulfa and every other Cloud brand.

Text us for a professional, non-salesy opinion: (310) 880-1253

Soulfa vs
RH Cloud

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Foam Support

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After 3 years

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After 3 years

The True Cost of Purchasing a Cloud Couch

Over the Next Decade

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Your New $3,000 Couch Might Be Garbage in Three Years. This Is Why.

Furnishings that used to last for a decade or more fall apart much sooner now—think fast fashion for furniture.

By Rachel Wolfe

Jan. 18, 2024

Buy Nice or Buy Twice

The Final Verdict

With most brands, you have to choose between quality, cost, and durability,
but Soulfa delivers all three. We’re redefining luxury to encompass pricing AND longevity,
so you don’t have to shop for a new Cloud in 3 years.

Soulfa Cloud Couches are guaranteed to last longer, which is why we offer a no-fuss 10 Year Warranty.

Soulfa is not the most expensive, or the cheapest Cloud, but it is simply the best investment!


So... What Do Soulfa Customers Say?

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